Real estate tycoon and television personality Donald Trump warns Republicans will lose the presidency again in 2016 unless the GOP chooses the “perfect” candidate. Trump was the closing speaker at the day-long Family Leadership Summit in Ames organized by The Family Leader, a Christian conservative organization.

“When I was looking to run last time and I was only thinking about it really once, but I was looking at it very seriously and I was getting these great poll numbers and people, I don’t know if they liked me or not, but they did like what I said,” Trump said. “What I said is what I’m saying now. Nothing changes.”

Trump told the crowd it’s hard for him to run for president because he’s doing “so many things.” Trump declared himself a “conservative Republican” and ticked off a litany of issues important to grassroots activists, including his opposition to same-sex marriage. Trump began by showing the crowd a childhood photo of his confirmation class at a Presbyterian Church in Queens, New York.

“Isn’t he cute? Not really,” Trump said, getting laughter from the crowd. Trump gestured to the photo, saying: “That’s my real hair,” before pointing to his own head, “and that’s my real hair, by the way,” earning even more laughter with his self-deprecating humor.

Trump closed by saying he has “many friends in Iowa.”

“I loved flying in. I loved looking all of the activity under that airplane. I see people just going to town and the beautiful farms and the beautiful acreages. It’s just beautiful to see,” Trump said. “I don’t see that so much in New York. New York is a little different view.”

AUDIO of Trump’s speech, 30:00

Trump shared his views on a wide-range of topics during his half-hour-long speech. He offered his indictment of U.S. defense spending without compensation in places like South Korea. Trump also critiqued the Romney campaign and assailed what he repeatedly called a “lack of intelligence” among the nation’s politicians.