After one of the cooler Julys in years, where low temperatures dipped into the 30s, a brutal heat wave is expected to wash over Iowa this weekend.

Meteorologist Rod Donovan at the National Weather Service says summer may be starting to wind down, but the temperatures in the forecast are definitely heating up.

“It looks like the warmest temperatures we’ve seen all year this year,” Donovan says. “We’ll be having temperatures rising into the 90s by Sunday and it could be mid- to upper-90s by mid next week.”

Donovan says record heat is possible and heat advisories are likely to be issued in another few days.

“We could have some headlines out next week due to the heat and possibly a heat index rising into the low 100s, near 105, during that time frame,” he says. “As cool as it’s been this summer, it’s definitely going to be a drastic change from what we’ve had.”

There’s no immediate relief in the forecast, as highs statewide are expected to be in the 90s for several days, possibly into next weekend.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City