When UNI takes the field against Iowa State on Saturday night, a lot of focus will be on the quarterbacks for each team. UNI will start Sawyer Kollmorgen, who enters his second season as the Panther starter. UNI coach Mark Farley says that the Panthers have much better idea of Kollmorgen’s abilities than they did a year ago as he entered his first career start.

Farley says they were apprehensive about how he would manage the game last year and limited the things they did, but now they have more confidence in him and can expand what they do. He says the biggest difference he’s seen in Kollmorgen is an increased familiarity with the UNI system.

He says Kollmorgen has a calm demeanor that hasn’t changed, but he does have a better vision of the game know and can talk more about what they are doing.

 On the other side of the field, Iowa State will start Sam Richardson, who took over the starting job late last season. Farley says he’s impressed by Richardson’s versatility.

Farley says their perception is that he is a good thrower and a good pocket quarterback, and as they watch him they see he has good speed and is a good runner. He says Richardson has show he can escape the speed that is chasing him in the Big 12.

 Farley says that even tough Iowa State lost some key parts of their defense from last year, UNI can’t really predict what kind of personnel they’ll see Saturday night. He says they only see the depth chart right now and have no idea what the replacement players will do as they step in.

By Jesse Gavin KCNZ Cedar Falls