dont-feedResidents of Cedar Rapids will soon face hefty fines for feeding birds in city parks. Canada Geese were first brought to Cedar Rapids in the 1970s when they were an endangered species.

Now, they’re an almost constant site in the city. And although they’re popular with many residents, Cedar Rapids Parks Superintendent Daniel Gibbins says feeding the birds makes them congregate in city parks.


Cedar Rapids holds annual geese roundups.

“When there are too many geese, we have interactions that turn negative,” Gibbins says.

“We’ve had geese attacking bicyclists and if you walk the trails, there are goose droppings everywhere. So, that becomes a health hazard too.”

Once a year, the city conducts a “goose roundup” and hauls hundreds of the birds to far away state parks.

Cedar Rapids recently passed an ordinance which makes it illegal to feed waterfowl. Signs are now being posted to remind residents of the new goose-control measure.

Beginning October 1st, the penalty for feeding waterfowl will be a fine of $75 for the first violation, $150 for a second, and $300 for the third violation in one calendar year.