Based on what he’s hearing in town meetings over the past week, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says Iowans are 100-percent opposed to the U.S. launching a military attack against Syria. Grassley, a Republican, says he’s been hearing plenty from Iowans and they’re speaking in a consistent voice.

Grassley says, “Everything that was said at my town meetings about Syria showed either questioning our involvement our outright opposition to our involvement.” A week ago, Grassley said he was “dubious” about potential U.S. involvement in Syria, following the discovery of a poison gas attack last month that left more than 1,400 dead.

President Obama announced over the weekend that he’ll ask Congress for authorization to launch an attack on Syria. Grassley says he’s no closer to reaching a decision on how he’ll vote.

“I’m going to next week be privy to numerous discussions with colleagues,” Grassley says. “Later today, I imagine I’ll have an opportunity to watch on C-Span the Committee on Foreign Relations, and hear from (Secretary of State) John Kerry.”

Congress returns to week from its August recess next Monday, September 9th.