Apparel sales have been brisk in Jackson County where the football team at the new Easton Valley High School plays its first game this evening by hosting West Central of Maynard. It is the result of a merger of the Preston and East Central school districts. Kevin Behr is the River Hawks’ head coach after spending the past five years at Preston.

“It has just gone great, the kids are real excited, the commnuity has really been supportive. They’re excited with all the new uniforms and helmets and everything,” Behr says.

Behr says with the new school, new nickname, new color scheme and the late start to the season his team is “chomping at the bit” for a game. “It seems like we’ve been hitting each other for quite awhile now, the kids are pretty excited,” he says.

Easton Valley enters the season with high expectations. They are ranked fifth in eight-man and Behr says they face a tough opener against West Central.