A 37-year-old policeman was shot and killed during an overnight stand-off in northern Iowa.

The incident started Thursday night at about 9:30 in Rockwell City. Authorities got a 911 call, saying 32-year-old Corey Trott was inside a home there. He was wanted for felony assault, for beating his mother this past Sunday.

A stand-off ensued and 37-year-old Jamie Buenting of the Rockwell City Police Department was part of the emergency response team that surrounded the home. A single gunshot came out of the house at 1:40 in the morning, striking the policeman. He died four hours later at the hospital.

The stand-off ended just before 5:30 a.m. and Trott was taken into custody. He’s been charged with first degree murder.

Buenting, the policeman who was killed, was married and the couple had two young children.  Buenting, a highly trained marksman, was scheduled to teach a class on the defensive use of handguns at a Rockwell City shooting range on Saturday.