Despite all the talk of stalemate in the nation’s capitol and a looming shut-down of the federal government, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says it will not happen.

“I think that there’s too much talk of Armageddon,” Grassley says.

Republicans in the House passed a bill that would keep the government operating, but it “defunds” ObamaCare. Democrats who control the Senate say they will not accept that any proposal that “defunds or delays” ObamaCare — and Grassley predicts House Republicans will back down.

“They’ll accept it because they won’t want to shut down the government and it’s going to go to the president and the president’s going to sign it. Now, that sounds like a total victory for the president and ObamaCare. It is from that standpoint, but it’s a total victory for Republicans, too, and fiscal conservatives because the level of funding is the status quo level,” Grassley says. “…We’ve had level funding for two years and this maintains that level funding. That’s $98 billion less than what the Democrats want to spend.”

Grassley says things could be resolved more easily if President Obama would do more talking with members of congress — and Grassley says Obama’s more likely to talk to foreign dictators than to Republicans.

“He’s not even talking to Democrats on capitol hill,” Grassley says. “Just one year ago you would have seen on the front page of The Washington Post a story with four pictures of four prominent Democrats that said that he hadn’t talked to them in a year.”

According to Grassley, Obama has “the least interaction with congress” than any president Grassley has seen. Grassley was elected to congress in November of 1974. Gerald Ford was president when Grassley took office.  Grassley made his comments yesterday during an appearance on the Iowa Public Television, “Iowa Press”.