The Board of Regents will move ahead with plans to freeze tuition again in their monthly meeting next week. It would be the first time since 1975 that tuition has held steady for two straight years. Out-of-state students would see a tuition increase of 1.8-percent at the University of Iowa, 1.74-percent at Iowa State University, and 2.5-percent at the University of Northern Iowa.

All undergrad students would see an increase in fees, ranging from 1.5-percent at ISU to over 6-percent at the UNI. The undergrad tuition freeze would be contingent on the state providing a 4-percent increase in funds for the three schools.

Also regarding tuition, the University of Iowa is proposing a tuition cut for out-of-state students seeking a law degree. The school would drop that cost to $39,500, a cut of about $8,000. The U-I says its drop in non-resident applications for law school is higher than the national average and the school wants to address the issue.

Regent’s communications director, Sheila Koppin, says the board will first hear input. “The student government representatives will be attending the meeting, and each making a presentation,” Koppin explains.

The board will then take a final vote on the tutition rate at its December meeting. The tuition rate now for an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa is $6,078 dollars, and its $6,648 at Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa.