Today  marks one month since the rollout of Obamacare and Iowa’s insurance commissioner says he’s hopeful the federal government will fix problems with the online marketplace by month’s end. Nick Gerhardt says Iowans have faced the same frustrations with the “health-care-dot-gov” website as people across the country, though he says some insurance agents have opted to use paper forms to enroll clients.

“We know people have done that and it seems to have worked that way,” Gerhardt says. “I’ve at least talked to one Iowan who did enroll via paper. There are agents who are printing off those applications and using those. So yes, that appears to work.” It’s been a “bumpy” ride so far, Gerhardt says, and it’s hard to get a good sense of how many people are signing up for health insurance.

“We don’t have any idea of the number of Iowans who have successfully enrolled,” he says. “We are told we’ll get those numbers at some point. We do know that people have successfully enrolled, we just don’t know how many.” Iowa is one of the 36 states using health-care-dot-gov at the federal level.