A dedication ceremony was held Wednesday for the 22-foot-tall sculpture outside the West Des Moines gym where an Iowa-based coach has trained two Olympic gold medalists.

Liang Chow, the former coach of Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas, spoke to a crowd gathered for the event.

“This has meaning, heavily, for me and my wife. We all together worked for a number of years in building champions and building the dreams come true,” Chow said.

The art is designed to celebrate past achievements at the gym, but Chow said it also honors the young women who continue to train there.

” It’s a beautiful day,” Chow said. “It’s a wonderful feeling to have  wonderful kids and families joining us from places all over the nation. They have a great heart to pursuing their wonderful dreams and ambitions.”

Looking on at the unveiling were at least three elite athletes who have traveled from Texas, California and Florida to work with Chow.

The sculpture includes the five Olympic rings and the silhouettes of two gymnasts. It is inscribed with the words: “Home of World and Olympic Champions.” The sculpture was designed and fabricated by Aalto (AL-toe) Design and Creative Edge Master Shop in Fairfield.