A husband and wife have admitted in federal court to collecting a key ingredient used in making methamphetamine to sell to a meth maker. Thirty-six-year-old Enrique Manzo and 31-year-old Jessica Manzo of Fredricksburg admitted in plea deals to purchasing pseudoephedrine-containing medications at pharmacies or collecting the pills bought by others. They would then sell or trade the pills to a person who would cook them into methamphetamine.

Court records indicate several cases where surveillance video at pharmacies showed people buying the pseudoephederine and then giving it to Enrique or Jessica in the parking lot.

They pled guilty to  conspiring to distribute pseudoephedrine knowing that the pseudoephedrine would be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Sentencing is pending and each could face a maximum of 20 years in prison and $250,000 fine.