Police say a woman was beaten and robbed late last week near Marshalltown after she stopped to help two people who were posing as stranded motorists. Officers were called last Friday night after two passersby found a woman lying unconscious on the side of a road near her pickup.

The victim later reported that she stopped to help what appeared to be a stalled vehicle with two occupants. A man in the vehicle assaulted the woman as stepped out of her truck. She was knocked unconscious and the two suspects went through her pickup, stealing merchandise that she had purchased that day while shopping in Marshalltown. The victim was transported to a Marshalltown hospital and released later that evening.

Marshall County authorities say the male suspect is described as being Hispanic or darker skinned, and about 30 years of age. He had dark hair and a mustache, medium height and build, and was wearing a dark baseball cap and jacket. The other suspect, a female, was described as being white, also in her 30s, with dark hair, a heavy build and medium height. The only description of the vehicle was it was either a dark blue or black car and in good shape.

By Katherine Fritcke, KFJB, Marshalltown