The Iowa Attorney Genera’s Office has dismissed the criminal charges filed against a Sioux City businessman in connection with the investigation of misconduct by a state Department of Transportation employee.  Sixty-year-old Grady Marx operates Marx Distribution Incorporated and was charged in connection with the arrest of David Weigel of Nevada.

Marx’s lawyer, Mark Weinhardt, spoke with Radio Iowa about the dismissal of the charges. “We’re thrilled with this outcome, it was a long time in coming, but we are thrilled for Grady,” Weinhardt says. Marx has agreed to cooperate with the state in the case in exchange for the dismissal of the charges. Weinhardt would not elaborate on the details. “It is a case where there is a prosecution still pending against a couple of other people, and so I am very limited in what I want to say about the facts,” Weinhardt says. “We did an investigation of our own and visited with the prosecutor about the facts that we found, and the prosecutor made a decision based upon what we were able to present.”

Weinhardt says his client’s transportation-related business is still operating. He says the company is up and running and Marx “looks forward to devoting his full energies to that company.” David Weigel was accused of using his position with the DOT to get kick-backs for the sale of excess property along completed highway expansion projects. Authorities seized some of Weigel’s assets in April, including a number of vehicles.  Weigel’s son David was also charged in connection with the case.