A freezing rain advisory is posted for a wide section of southern, central and eastern Iowa from 6 o’clock tonight through 6 o’clock Friday morning. Forecasters say a coating of ice this evening will make roads very slick and travel treacherous.

Meteorologist Jim Lee, at the National Weather Service, says the approaching storm front will dump precipitation. “In the areas where it forms as drizzle or light rain, it probably will freeze to the surface,” Lee says, “so we’ve issued a freezing weather advisory for about the southeastern half of the state.” While that storm should move out of the region tomorrow , Lee says another storm front is coming up behind it.

“It looks like it’ll spread a pretty decent swath of snow somewhere across the Midwest and into the Ohio River valley,” Lee says. “Right now, the track of the storm isn’t very certain but it does look like parts of Iowa should see some snowfall out of that.” In the more longer-range forecast, Lee says there are no indications there will be any foul weather early-to-mid-next week for the Christmas holiday.

(Reporting by Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)