A former National Rifle Association executive from Des Moines activist says the rumors that the government is buying up ammunition and plans to ban its sale are  greatly exaggerated.  Kayne Robinson is a retired Des Moines police officer who has been active in Republican politics. “You read about the ammo shortage on the internet.  Never ever, ever believe anything that’s on the internet,” Robinson says.

He spoke last week at the Des Moines conservative Breakfast club. Robinson says the rumors say the federal  Homeland Security Agency has made a big purchase of ammo, but he says that doesn’t mean there’s  a conspiracy afloat.  “The whole business about the federal government buying a billion rounds of ammunition — we’ve analyzed those data — its hard to draw real conclusions and say there’s some conspiracy,” according to Robinson.

Robinson says Homeland Security may  be stocking up on ammunition, anticipating more firearms training in the age of terrorism.  And he says a lead plant in Missouri finally closed after years of complaints from the EPA. He says there was a shortage of bullets for 22 rifles that accompanied a surge in NRA membership after the Obama administration expressed an interest in gun control.