Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz says the Hawkeyes expect to finish with a recruiting class of 19 players. Among the Iowa natives to sign with the Hawks are Jay Scheel from Union (LaPorte City) and Indianola offensive lineman Keegan Render.

“We didn’t get everybody we wanted in-state but I think it’s obviously a reflection of the football in this state, it’s outstanding,” Ferentz says. “A lot of tremendous young people and we’re really excited about all the signees from our state, and think they’ve got great upside and a great futures here. Historically they’ve done a great job I think of helping the other players from out-of-state transition into the program and maybe helping them understand some of the traditions here that are so strong.”

Ferentz says the key with any recruiting class is to find players who will work hard and stay in the program. He says that’s true for all of them whether they are on scholarship or a walk on. Ferentz says their success depends on how hard they want to work and compete.

Iowa finished 8-5 this past season after losing to LSU in the Outback Bowl.