Three correctional officers were treated for injuries Wednesday following an altercation with a prisoner at a facility in Coralville. Daniel Craig is Warden of the Iowa Medical Classification Center (IMCC). “One of our offenders, who is suffering from a serious mental illness, became agitated while visiting with his psychiatrist and he became pretty loud and threatening,” Craig said. “The correctional officers were right there on the scene and they responded immediately and appropriately.”

The incident occurred in the IMCC’s Health Services Department around 8:40 a.m. Wednesday. The correctional officers entered the exam room and tried to restrain the offender. “He was very, very combative and in the course of trying to gain control of him, the three officers were injured,” Craig said.

One officer was treated at the scene, another went to an outside clinic, while the third officer was transported to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics by ambulance. Craig said that officer was able to walk to the ambulance and later returned to the institution. “They are all doing okay now, but it was a pretty serious assault by one of our offenders,” Craig said. The names of the correctional officers and the inmate have not been released.