Senator Rob Hogg

Senator Rob Hogg

A state senator who asked for more information about the number of state employees who have been guilty of elder abuse, child abuse and sex abuse says he’s been told by the governor’s office that information is confidential.

Senator Rob Hogg, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids, says Governor Branstad made “serious allegations” Monday when Branstad told reporters there were “a lot” of state employees who have been guilty of that kind of misconduct. “Not only is it jaw-drawing, it’s very serious allegations to say that there are people committing elder abuse, child abuse, sex abuse,” Hogg says. “…As the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I think we need to know more about these allegations.”

Hogg says Branstad’s staff has told him all that information is confidential. “It’s time for some answers,” Hogg says. “I did not ask for confidential information, confidential personnel records. I asked for when did Governor Branstad know and what did he do about it.”

Hogg says at least one case of alleged sexual harassment at the Iowa Law Enforcement Training Academy that has been made public is an indictment of the way Branstad’s Administration has handled such cases.  During remarks on the Senate floor this morning, Hogg offered graphic details of the alleged actions of an academy instructor who co-workers and students say threatened and sexually harassed them. The man accused was warned in a letter, but kept his job, pay, seniority and benefits.

One of the woman who filed a complaint against him was fired.