The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Iowa is looking for people who may’ve been impacted in the Quality Egg case in Wright County. Spokesman Peter Deegan explains what they are seeking. “We’re looking to contact anyone who believes they were sickened from eggs that were distributed by Quality Egg, LLC from about the beginning of 2010 to August of 2010, due to eggs that were contaminated with Salmonella,” Deegan says.

Deegan says they are looking for information to use in the sentencing of the two owners of the egg company. Seventy-nine-year-old Austin “Jack” DeCoster of Turner, Maine, and 51-year-old Peter DeCoster of Clarion each pled guilty to one count of introducing adulterated food into into interstate commerce in federal court in Sioux City.

Deegan asks anyone who believes they ate some of the bad eggs should contact them.”Visit our website at the U.S. Attorney’s office that’s at:, or contact our victim witness coordinator, Shari Konarske at 319-363-6333,” Deegan says.

He says they will take the needed information when you contact them. “Right now we are asking anyone who believes they were sickened to go ahead contact us, and we’ll gather the information and take the process forward from there,” according to Deegan. The information provided by victims will be used to help determine the sentences given the DeCosters.