Many Iowa farm fields, which experienced flash flooding earlier this summer, could now use a good soaking. The USDA’s weekly crop update, released Monday, shows dry soil is stressing corn and soybeans in parts of the state. Linn County farmer Darell Jordan is coping with the weather extremes.

“Since the 1st of March, we’ve had equal to about a yearly amount of rain…about 30 inches of rain,” Jordan said. But, half of that overabundance of rain fell in June.

“We’ve had less than an inch of rain in the last three weeks,” Jordan said. “So, we are right at the verge of starting to show stress in these crops.

Jordan farms about 1,000 acres of corn and soybeans near Mount Vernon. “In places, we’re showing nitrogen deficiency, but that would be expected where we’ve had excess amount of water,” Jordan said. “But, where we could get the water away and maintain a balance in the soil, I think the crops look real well…corn and soybeans.”

The USDA report places 77-percent of Iowa’s corn crop and 74-percent of the soybean crop in good to excellent condition. The report notes the lack of precipitation has caused a drop in soil moisture.

The statewide average rainfall last week was just 0.12 inches.