Gasoline prices are steadily dropping in Iowa and they’ve fallen more than 30-cents a gallon since early June. Gail Weinholzer, spokeswoman for Triple-A-Iowa, says prices statewide are now averaging $3.36 a gallon, which is more than a dime below the national average.

Weinholzer says prices at the pump dropped almost every single day in July and they’re still inching downward in August. “Certainly, demand will start to drop off as kids head back to school, so that’s a good sign for gas prices,” Weinholzer says. “Of course, we’ll have to keep an eye on the Middle East political situation and the hurricane season in the Gulf (of Mexico).”

As summer driving season winds down, Weinholzer expect the cost of filling your tank to do the same as we head toward Labor Day. “Prices most likely will plateau where they are and we should continue to experience this relief through the end of the month,” she says. Iowa’s most expensive gas is in Des Moines, where the average is $3.39.

The cheapest gas is in Sioux City at $3.30.

Iowa set a record for its most pricey gas in July of 2008 at $4.02 a gallon.