Marianette Miller-Meeks at the Iowa State Fair.

Marianette Miller-Meeks at the Iowa State Fair.

Republican congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks today said Dave Loebsack — the Democratic congressman she’s running against — cannot be “trusted” to fix the problems in Veterans Administration hospitals.

“They sit on the Armed Services Committee, they had the investigative reports and they did nothing,” Miller-Meeks said of Loebsack. “They didn’t even offer a bil. Is that who you’re going to trust to fix the VA sysstem?”

Miller-Meeks said it’s time to convert the welfare system into a trampoline rather than a safety net. According to Miller-Meeks, Democrats who oppose welfare changes and advocate for an increase in the minimum wage are practicing “trickle up” economics.

“Right now we have a person in office who is a puppet for Nancy Pelosi and President Obama and I may be small and I may be a Mariannette, but I am nobody’s puppet.” she said.

Miller-Meeks spoke early this afternoon to a small crowd gathered around The Des Moines Register’s Soapbox on the Iowa State Fairgrounds. This is her third run for congress.

AUDIO of Miller-Meeks’ speech, 15:00