The mayor of Oelwein has been arrested for allegedly having sexual contact with young girls. Thirty-six-year-old Jason Manus of Oelwein was taken into custody today at his home. He was arrested on a warrant charging him with five counts of sexual abuse in the second degree. Bond was set at $125,000.

Manus’ arrest was the result of a month-long investigation, in which two juvenile girls reported that they had been sexually assaulted in Oelwein. The investigation revealed that in July and August of 2010, Manus allegedly sexually abused a 14 year old, four times, and a 9 year old, once. According to the Fayette County Sheriff, due to the statute of limitations on some of the crimes discovered, charges could not be filed; but under Iowa law, a minor victim has 10 years after reaching their 18th birthday, to report a sexual abuse incident.

Anyone with more information on the case is asked to contact the Fayette County Sheriff; it is an ongoing criminal investigation, and more charges could be filed.  The sheriff was assisted by the Department of Human Services, and the case will be prosecuted by the Iowa Attorney General’s office.

(Reporting by Roger King, KOEL, Oelwein)