Iowa State is hoping Mark Mangino can jump start a struggling offense. The former Kansas coach was hired in the off season to direct a Cyclone attack that finished eighth in total offense in the Big 12 during a 3-9 campaign in 2013.

ISU is not saying much about what the new offense will look like but Mangino says when the season starts it will come down to execution. “You don’t win games by fooling people, you really don’t. You win games by executing, by playing good, hard smart football,” Mangino says. He says the defenses are too smart to be fooled and you have to get people in the right place to execute to have success.

Mangino believes the Cyclone offense has the potential to make big strides this season. “We have enough talent to be a successful football team. But talent alone is not good enough. You need kids who are willing to work, who are willing to stay focused, mentally tough kids, kids who can face adversity and overcome it,” Mangino says. “So, it’s talent matched with all those things that creates a successful unit.”

Mangino says the Cyclones have enough talent to succeed if all the other ingredients are present and they are trying to blend all the elements together.

Iowa State opens on August 30th against North Dakota State.