Iowa’s new corps of linebackers hope to show improvement this week when the Hawkeyes host Ball State. The inexperienced group was exposed in Iowa’s 31-23 victory over UNI. The Panthers turned several short passes into long gains and running back David Johnson had more than 200 yards of receiving.

“It’s just little things, it’s communication, it’s easily correctable,” middle linebacker Quinton Alston says. He says it was a big factor in the opener as they were communicating by signals and he says that can be hard with a loud crowd. Alston says they just have to work more on it in practice to get better.

Alston says the communication will get better as they get more experience. “I feel like we had a lot of practice in spring and during fall camp…so it wasn’t to big a transition, it wasn’t too much of a shock. We will continue to grow, continue to get better,” Alston says.