Authorities have captured a northeast Iowa man who is accused of firing several shots at an Oelwein police officer last night. According to the Iowa Department of Public Safety, 33-year-old Abel Quijas Junior of Maynard, was taken into custody this morning, without further incident.

Sources had indicated the West Central School had been put on lockdown, however a current status on that has not been available. Quijas had been the subject of a manhunt that started in Oelwein Thursday night. At one point, a portion of some city blocks on the northeast side of Oelwein had been cordoned off, after reports surfaced of gunshots heard in the area.

Oelwein police responded, officers later focused their search along and in a cornfield near Outer Road, on the northeast outskirts of Oelwein. Wings Park school locked down for a time last night, but this morning all Oelwein schools opened as usual. An explanation of the charges against Quijas, attempted murder involving a police officer, have not been elaborated, and there was no indication if an officer had been wounded in the shooting.

Where Quijas was arrested was not released; there are reports he was taken into custody at about 10:30 this morning. No other information has been released.

(Reporting by Roger King, KOEL, Oelwein)