There is still a place for option football and Aaron Hafner is proving that at Luther College. In his second year at the helm Hafner has led Luther to a 2-0 start, equaling last season’s win total and the Norse are averaging 348 yards of rushing in their “flexbone” attack.

He says they use a couple of slot backs and use different formations that some might call the spread option. Hafner says option football is a good way to turn a program around. He says it is more of a small college offense, and says that is okay. Hafner says it allows them to recruit players that are a little bit different.

Hafner says it can also be an advantage because it forces the opponents defense to change how it plays. “You have to play very responsible and tackle the dive and tackle the quarterback,” Hafner says. He says defenses will get better at defending the option as they go along and they will have to get better with their schemes.

Luther’s defense has also made strides this season by giving up only 91 yards of rushing per game. He says they’ve done a great job in the red zone of keeping people out of the endzone.

Luther returns to action at home on Saturday against Grinnell College.

By Darin Svenson, KDEC, Decorah