As many as 3,000 eastern Iowans will be trying to set a world’s record next week for the largest-ever game of Duck, Duck, Goose. Dan Carolin, who teaches Japanese at Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School, explains how the idea materialized.

“Our fire alarm went off and we were out for a long time and I was thinking, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if, while we’re out here in front of the building, to all start playing Duck, Duck, Goose’ because the kids were getting kind of restless,” Carolin says. “I joked about it back in class and it just snowballed into, “Why don’t we go for the record in this,’ and we looked it up and we think it’s fairly attainable.”

During the 4th quarter of the sophomore football game next Thursday, October 2nd, participants will be asked to gather on the track surrounding the field. The current record for the largest game of Duck, Duck, Goose is 2,135 participants. Carolin says they usually get about 3,000 people at the games.

“The Guinness Book of World Records requires that the game be played for 15 minutes before the record can be broken,” Carolin says. “Our plan is to play for 16 minutes and then go back up in the stands and watch the varsity game.” Commemorative t-shirts will be sold and donations accepted.

Organizers hope to raise $5,000 to benefit The ONE Campaign and Kids Against Hunger. Carolin says it’ll be “epic.”

“When people are getting word of it, they’re really excited,” Carolin says. “We know that there are elementary schools interested in coming. Our game is against Linn-Mar and so we’re putting the word out to them.” He says anyone is welcome to take part and a raffle is being held to determine who will be “it” first.

Learn more and sign up to participate at the website: