Jim Mowrer

Jim Mowrer

The Democrat running in Iowa’s fourth congressional district staged events outside four of Republican Congressman Steve King’s offices around the district Wednesday to criticize King for supporting last fall’s government shutdown. Jim Mowrer points to a Standard & Poor’s analysis indicating the government shutdown cost the U.S. economy 24-billion dollars in lost wages, government services and travel spending.

“He shut down federal agencies,” Mowrer said. “He shut down federal parks and now he’s talking about shutting the government down again in December.”

Mowrer made stops outside King’s congressional offices in Ames, Fort Dodge, Mason City, and Sioux City and invited supporters to join him in presenting an “invoice” Mowrer had draw up for the cost of the shutdown.

“He threatened America’s economic security,” Mowrer said in Ames. “He threatened America’s national security and that should disqualify him from ever serving in Congress again for the future.”

A spokesman for King says Mowrer is a desperate candidate who is “resorting to gimmicks.” King’s campaign has called on Mowrer to pull a campaign ads against King that FactCheck.org has rated a “double-whopper.” The non-partisan website routinely uses the word “whopper” to refer to false claims in campaign advertising.

King and Mowrer are scheduled to debate next week in Storm Lake.