Four people from northwest Iowa have been sentenced in a scheme to help one of them try to flee the country. The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa says 48-year-olds Mark Hill and Janell Zoch of Storm Lake and 36-year-old Brandon Hinesly of Truesdale each pled guilty to conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Evidence at their plea hearings showed they agreed to help 46-year-old Darwin Zoch of Storm Lake flee to Corpus Christi, Texas as he waiting for his sentencing on a federal firearms charge. He bought a boat and planned to sail out of the U.S. The three others admitted to helping hide Zoch by lying to federal agents and probation officers, concealing or destroying evidence while also helping Zoch change his appearance, get a fake I-D and a vehicle for his escape.

Hill was sentenced to 3 months probation, Hinesly received 3 months in prison. Darwin and Janelle Zoch were each sentenced to 28 months in prison.