DPS-sign-2The Iowa Department of Public Safety reports a state trooper who was pulled over for speeding while off-duty back in late November has now been issued a citation that carries a total fine of just over $200.

 The citation shows Captain Ken Clary was stopped on Interstate 80 between Altoona and Mitchellville — and was clocked going 92 miles-an-hour. The speed limit in the area is 70. Trooper Bryan Gull did not initially make a report on his stop of Clary.

A DPS release states “administrative action” has been taken in the case — but no details are being released. The incident just recently came to light after the Des Moines Register reported it learned Clary was driving a Special Olympics Iowa van at the time and was not ticketed by the trooper who pulled him over.

 A Special Olympics official has said no children were in the van at the time.

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