Post-Office-box-003The U.S. Postal Service is closing several mail processing centers across the country this year, but none in Iowa. The reasons are twofold, according to Mike Birkett with the National Association of Letter Carriers. First, Birkett says, Iowa already had its turn in 2011 when a mail processing center in northwest Iowa was shut down and the operation was moved to another state.

“Sioux City, Iowa, closed a plant three to four years ago and that mail all got moved up into South Dakota,” Birkett says. “So, it did affect Iowa, just not this second phase.” Second, he adds, it’s hard to justify closing facilities that postmark and sort mail for rural areas. “It’s very difficult to ship mail from one place to another and to get it back in any kind of a decent time frame,” he says, “so that’s what’s, I think, saved those.”

In the states where the processing centers are being closed, people can expect a delay of an extra day or two for cards and letters they mail to arrive.

(Thanks to Ryan Hermes, Michigan Radio Network)