Governor Branstad was released from the hospital this morning after treatment for the flu.

Branstad’s staff now confirms the governor has the flu. The governor fell ill during a speech on Monday morning and was taken by ambulance to a Des Moines hospital. He was released from the hospital at nine o’clock this morning.  Jimmy Centers, the governor’s communications director, says Branstad is “resting comfortably” at Terrace Hill.

The governor’s personal physician issued a written statement, classifying Branstad in “good condition.” Dr. Kevin Cunningham says he’s ruled out a heart attack or stroke and has concluded the “incident was caused by a mild flu and dehydration.”

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds has been sick, too, and both Branstad and Reynolds have cancelled all their public events for the remainder of the week. That will give them “ample time to rest and recuperate” according to Centers. Reynolds saw her doctor this morning and a test came back negative for the flu, but she has been ordered to rest so she can recover from “a seasonal illness.”

The governor’s oldest son, Eric Branstad, tweeted a message to his father: “He had better listen to mom!”  The governor admitted yesterday that his wife wanted him to stay home from work Monday, but he didn’t heed her advice.

Centers says Branstad was alert and conscious and his official duties were not handed over to anyone. Branstad and Reynolds keep an “ambitious schedule” and, according to Centers, they have attended other 2500 public events since they took office in 2011.

“So it’s certainly unusual for the governor not to be out on the road visiting with Iowans for the next couple of days, but rest assured he’ll be back out on the road in the very near future,” Centers says.

(This story was updated at 11:53 a.m. with additional information)