Nearly 200 ACT college entrance exams that the Iowa City-based company reported as missing have now been located. The tests were taken by students at Johnston High School on December 13TH.

District spokeswoman Laura Sprague says those students were notified by ACT on Monday that the company had not received their tests for scoring. It’s believed an ACT employee, who was supposed to ship the tests to Iowa City via Fed Ex, dropped the package in a UPS bin by mistake at a grocery store.

The Postal Service returned the package to the grocery store. “And, due to the hard work and tracking by the Postal Service in the past couple days, they were able to identify the package was still at the grocery store. Our high school principal went and picked it up this morning,” Sprague said. The package of tests is now on its way to ACT and the students affected by the mistake will not have to retake the exam.

“The students’ December scores will be honored and they’ll be expedited through scoring,” Sprague said. Sprague noted that the Johnson School District only provides the venue for test takers and an ACT employee handles everything else, from administering to mailing.