Rick Wulkow

Rick Wulkow

Rick Wulkow is enjoying his role of spectator at the state high school wrestling tournament. Wulkow retired as executive director of the Iowa High School Athletic Association last month.

“It’s very relaxing, no tension in the shoulders and neck…it’s just fun to come and be a spectator for a change,” Wulkow says.

It is the first time in more than 30 years that Wulkow has not been working at the tournament and he says that gives him time to visit with people. He says it is fun to see how the tournament has developed over the years.

The wrestling tournament has always been one of if not the toughest ticket for any sporting event in Iowa. “it’s the largest state wrestling tournament in the country, we have a great fan base, the coaches, our wrestlers are wrestling all over the country at the college level,” Wulkow says, “It is a great sport that was kind of born here in the state of Iowa, thanks to Dan Gable and a lot of old-timers who have done such a great job of developing it.”

Wulkow says he is proud of what the tournament has become as they’ve made a lot of changes through the years from weight management to the dual tournament. “Basically after a little time of change in tradition, people are embracing it,” Wulkow says.