JetlinerWhile temperatures have been well above normal in Iowa lately, thousands of Iowans are piling into cars, buses and airplanes to head for much-warmer climates to celebrate Spring Break.

Gail Weinholzer, at AAA-Iowa, says of the top 6 spring travel destinations, 4 are in Florida and 2 are in southern California.

“They are all warm weather destinations, from Orlando, Los Angeles, San Diego, Myrtle Beach, Miami,” Weinholzer says. “There’ll be a large influx of people into the Fort Lauderdale area as well as the rest of the state of Florida during Spring Break.”

For the procrastinators in the crowd, she says it’s still possible you can still get booked on a jet headed to a warm, sandy beach, however, airfares will be at a premium.

“There’s still flights available but prices are going to be a little steep, as you can imagine with flights that are mostly full at this point,” Weinholzer says. “Having some flexibility in your schedule would be helpful.” The rest of the top ten list of springtime destinations runs as follows — Washington D.C. at number seven, followed by New York, Seattle and San Francisco.