Nick Nordheim

Nick Nordheim

An eastern Iowa high school science teacher and girl’s track coach is recovering from a shocking experience. Nick Nordheim was literally shocked and knocked unconscious on Sunday while helping set up for a track meet at Williamsburg High School.

From his bed at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Nordheim spoke about the experience with KCRG-TV. “There’s a portable field goal post up there, and we were moving that, and that’s about the last I remember of it and then I woke up here,” Nordheim said.

It’s believed the goal post came in contact with a wire or electricity arced down from the wire. Nordheim, who’s an avid runner, is being treated for multiple burns. “My feet are the worst, (the burns) are pretty deep,” Nordheim said. Doctors expect Nordheim will make a full recovery, but say he’s extremely fortunate.

Nordheim credits Williamsburg boy’s track coach Matt Matthes with saving his life. Matthes was helping moving the goal post, but was not injured and was able to pull Nordheim away from the goal post.

Nordheim’s phone has been buzzing nearly nonstop since he entered the hospital. “I’ve been trying to catch up on all of the texts and Facebook. I just tell people I’m not going to take anyone for granted. It’s definitely an experience that happened for a reason…and hopefully I can do some good because of it,” Nordheim said.

The electric shock led to a power outage in parts of Williamsburg – including Nordheim’s own home. Organizers of a fundraising event called “Senior Survivor Week” at Williamsburg High School plan to donate the proceeds to help with Nordheim’s medical expenses.

reporting by Max Walker, KCRG-TV