DarkCloudsUnusual is the only way to describe yesterday’s weather in Iowa.

See how you do on this quiz from the National Weather Service. Yesterday were there:

  • a) Tornadoes
  • b) 39-degree high
  • c) Rainfall over 1 inch
  • d) 80-degree highs
  • e) 4 inches of snow
  • f) 2-inch hail….or
  • g) All of the above

The correct answer is G….. All of the above.

The most frightening part was a suspected tornado north of Donahue in Scott County that swept east near Dewitt, Camanche and Clinton, all in Clinton County, then into Illinois.

Semi-trucks were blown over and there was damage to power lines, buildings and trees but no reported injuries.

That wasn’t the case in northern Illinois where one person died when a twister wiped out a small village north of Rochelle.

By Phil Roberts, Davenport