Golf’s newly crowned Masters champion will play in the John Deere Classic near the Quad Cities in July. Twenty-one year old Jordan Spieth tied a Masters’ record by finishing 18 under par. He won the John Deere Classic as a teenager back in 2013. “Watching him bring it to the house was very, very exciting, we couldn’t be more pleased for him and excited for us since he’s going to be here this summer,” John Deere Classic Tournament director Clair Peterson says.

He says they have talked to the reigning Masters champ three times already this year and Spieth will play in the tournament. Peterson gave Spieth a sponsor’s exemption to play in the John Deere Classic when he was 18 years old. “It’s not the first time we’ve given an exemption to a young player we feel is going to have a great future, and just as importantly is a great young man,” Peterson. He says the first exemption in 2012 led them to give him another one in 2013 and Spieth won the tournament and launched his career.

Over the years the John Deere Classic has given sponsor exemptions to players who Peterson feels will have a bright future on tour, including Iowan Zach Johnson, who also won the Masters.

This year’s John Deere Classic is July ninth through the 12th.