Dr. Christi Taylor.

Dr. Christi Taylor.

The latest GOP candidate to formally enter the 2016 presidential race has canceled appearances in Iowa today so he can fly to Texas to visit his ailing mother. Dr. Ben Carson held an event in Michigan this morning to officially kick off his campaign and Dr. Christi Taylor — Carson’s Iowa campaign co-chair — says Carson is “90-plus percent” likely to be in Iowa tomorrow for events in three cities.

“Ben and his family have talked about this and they proceeded with the announcement in Detroit this morning. He knew that his mother would say: ‘Go get ’em’…and I think we just play things by ear,” Taylor told reporters during a midday news conference on the statehouse steps. “But he is full steam into the campaign.”

Taylor has been active in Republican Party politics and recently served as chairwoman of the Dallas County GOP. Taylor and her husband, who is a member of the Iowa House of Representatives, heard Carson speak last year at a medical convention.

“He was just moving and inspiring,” Taylor said of Carson. “And he talked to the group of physicians not just about being good doctors…but to be a good citizen.”

Taylor said that message resonated with her and that’s why she signed up early to be part of the Carson campaign.

Carson is scheduled to be in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Davenport tomorrow.

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, also chose today (Monday) to formally kick off her campaign for president. Fiorina is scheduled to be in West Des Moines on Thursday evening. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is also kicking off his 2016 campaign this week. He’ll be in Iowa on Wednesday.

Photo courtesy of WHO TV.