A new state website lets Iowans read and comment about state regulations.

Governor Branstad gets a tour of a new state website which lets Iowans read and comment about state regulations.

It took software developers more than a year to design it, but there’s now a new website that lets Iowans read and comment on state regulations. Justin Carlson, one of the technicians who worked on the project, says the website is compatible with all forms of technology.

“We want to make sure that if you’re in a meeting somewhere and you wanted to view this rule, you’re able to do so on your phone or your tablet and you’re able to comment,” Carlson says.

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds says before this website went live this morning, it was very difficult for Iowans to figure out what state rules and regulations were being proposed and register their support or objections.

“For example, Iowans had to navigate through four websites just to view a proposed rule and once they found the rule, Iowans didn’t have the opportunity at that point to post a comment online,” Reynolds says.

State agencies used to provide Iowans with a FAX number or a mailing address when taking public comments on proposed administrative rules. Now, Iowans can go to rules.iowa.gov, read both current and proposed regulations and post a comment on the website. Governor Branstad used the beginning of his weekly news conference to unveil the website to the media.

“It’s pretty phenomenal,” Branstad said. “…We’re very excited about this. I think it’s going to be a great service ot the people of Iowa.”

This is the link to the rules.iowa.gov website. It does not require a “www” prefix.