Iowa-Transportation-MapThe Iowa Department of Transportation has released an updated map of the state’s roadways. The DOT’s Mark Hansen says the agency updates the map every year, but another printing of the standard, fold-out paper form of the map won’t happen again until 2017.

“We will print about 1.6 million maps to cover both this year and next year,” Hansen said. The DOT will now produce the traditional fold-out map on a two-year cycle. “We have a seen an increase in usage of our electronic map that we have online…people can go to, review the transportation map there and print from there as well,” Hansen said.

The electronic version of the map is accompanied by an assortment of city detail maps. Several hundred changes are made to the map each year, so Hansen encourages travelers to check the DOT’s website for the most up-to-date information. “One thing that I like to do is load the transportation map on my personal iPad and I travel with that, in addition to the traditional paper map,” Hansen said.

The map shows all highways, airports, rail lines, lakes, rivers, and major county roads. The new map includes at least a couple of recently finished, big projects. “Two of the new things I like to point out to people are the new U.S. Highway 34 in southwest Iowa near Glenwood and in central Iowa, we have two new Interstate-35 rest areas north of Ankeny,” Hansen said.

Folded, paper copies of the 2015-2016 map are available at the Iowa DOT’s 19 driver’s license stations, county treasurer’s offices, all six Iowa DOT district offices, Iowa’s 19 welcome centers, and the state’s rest areas.