Kasey Burst is looking forward to returning to the practice field this Fall. Burst was hired in August of last year as the head coach of the new men’s and women’s lacrosse programs at Clarke University in Dubuque and since then has been traveling the country putting together the roster of both teams.

He has been to Texas, California, the Midwest and the East as he has recruited the team. Burt says he is looking forward to actually get out on the field and coach them.

Burst says the key has been finding quality players who also want to be part of a new program. He says creating a new program has obstacles and some players have told him they don’t want to be a part of a new program.

Clarke will compete in the Kansas College Athletic Conference next Spring and Burst says that will allow him to coach both teams. He says other coaches do the same thing and he says it will allow them to have doubleheaders and he won’t have to choose between locations.