Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal

Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal is kicking off a week-long campaign swing through Iowa.

“I’m here to win Iowa. I’m here to win not just Iowa. Our plan is to win every state and win the election,” Jindal said early this afternoon. “I don’t know why anytbody would get in the race for president unless they were getting in it to win it.”

Other candidates like Ohio Governor John Kasich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who formally entered the race today are primarily focusing on New Hampshire, which holds the nation’s first presidential primary.

“There’s some candidates, there’s some speculation they’re going to skip Iowa or they may not spent their time here,” Jindal said. “We’re spending our time here. We came here last week right after we announced. We’re here all this week. We’ll be back a lot. I look forward to seeing you guys a lot.”

Jindal spoke with reporters early this afternoon after meeting with about 40 Republicans at a Boone restaurant. Jindal kicked off his remarks to the crowd by criticizing Hillary Clinton for conducting State Department business with a private email account. Clinton has turned over 50,000 email messages to the State Department. More than 800 were released in May and another small batch of her email were released today (Tuesday). Jindal said the status of these email is “part of a pattern” of secrecy with Clinton.

“They only have the emails that she decided not to delete, she decided to share. Secondly, right now if we want all these emails, we may need to ask the Chinese and the Russians” Jindal said. “America may be the last super power to have access to Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

Jindal said congress might have to “ask the hackers” to get the original emails.

Jindal will hold a town-hall meeting tonight in Waukee and another tomorrow night in Council Bluffs.