A jury in Davenport has ruled the former dean of the University of Iowa law school wasn’t discriminating when she didn’t promote a conservative lawyer.

Teresa Manning was working in the law school, teaching writing, when she applied for a promotion. Manning has argued she didn’t get the new job because of political bias. Manning is a Republican and an anti-abortion activist. She accused liberal faculty members derailing her application.

This is the second time a jury has decided the former dean of the University of Iowa law school was not guilty of political discimination. A previous verdict in the case was thrown out due to procedural error by the judge. University of Iowa spokeswoman Jeneane Beck says the university is “pleased with the outcome and happy to put this case behind us.”

Manning, who has continued working at the university for the past six years, has just taken a job teaching writing to medical students at Virginia Tech. She has been writing a book about the case.

Her lawyer has said “liberals talk about diversity” until it means bringing in a “conservative point of view.” He cited data indicating that only one of the 50 members of the University of Iowa law school faculty was a Republican and 46 were registered Democrats.