Congressman Steve King.

Congressman Steve King.

Iowa Congressman Steve King has come under fire in the past for making controversial comments about immigrants and King now is coming to the defense of GOP candidate Donald Trump. In mid-June when Trump formally entered the presidential race, Trump said some of the people coming into this country from Mexico are “people with problems” like drug runners and rapists.

During an interview with KAYL Radio in Storm Lake this morning, King said he appreciates Donald Trump’s “scrappiness.”

“Donald Trump is one of the few individuals that will speak boldly about what he believes in and he’ll be challenged by the P.C. Police, the Politically Correct police, and instead of backing up and curling up, he just goes forward,” King said.

There is truth behind Trump’s comments, according to King.

“In this country, if you speak the truth — if it is the demonstrable, objective truth — that should always be a defense for uttering a statement,” King said. “And instead, you know I catch some of that criticism…Eventually, if you can corner them, they’ll say, ‘Well, O.K., I’ll have to concede what you said is true, but you should have found a different way of saying it.’ And my answer to that is: ‘I said it the real gentle way for a long time and you weren’t listening, so I had to tell you in a way that you actually got it.’ That’s what Donald Trump does.”

Macy’s today announced it would no longer sell Trump merchandise. Trump has been featured in the company’s commercials in the past.

Trump is suing Univision after the network announced it would not air the Miss USA beauty pageant Trump owns. NBC Universal also ended its business relationship with Trump, who had been the star of the network’s “Celebrity Apprentice” reality TV show. Trump has called the network “weak and foolish” and is threatening to sue NBC, too.

(Reporting by Joel Hermann, KAYL, Storm Lake; additional reporting and editing by Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson)