gavel-thumbnailA Waterloo man and woman who conspired to try to help the man avoid a parole violation have pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.

Court documents show 26-year-old Asa Adams was on parole for a firearms charge and had failed a drug test in December of last year. Adams and his co-worker, 36-year-old Nicole Wells, concocted a letter claiming to be from the supervisor at the restaurant where they worked that said Adams unknowingly ate marijuana-laced brownies brought to the establishment by another worker.

Adams’ lawyer submitted the letter as evidence, but the plot fell through when the supervisor and the employee who allegedly brought in the brownies showed up to testify that it never happened. Adams was sentenced in U.S. District Court to one year in prison for violating his parole. He and Wells will be sentenced at a later date on the obstruction charges.