Success on the baseball field at Melcher-Dallas this season is not being measured in wins and losses. The Saints have yet to win a game this season but just fielding a team is a big step for a school that was forced to cancel its season a year ago due to lack of numbers.

Pat Ferguson took the rebuilding job after moving back to Iowa from Las Vegas and leads a program that does not have a junior or a senior on the roster. Ferguson put together an 18 game varsity and 7 game junior varisty schedule and he is coaching all the levels of the program in hopes of boosting numbers.

Ferguson says the community has been supportive of his efforts to restart the program and he is taking a long term approach to the job. Ferguson is a teacher and hopes to get a job in the Melcher-Dallas system to be around the kids everyday.

The Saints open the Class 1A district tournament on July 14th against fourth ranked Pleasantville.