SunlightThis is expected to be Iowa’s hottest day of the year so far. Forecasters have posted a Heat Advisory for most of Iowa’s southern half in addition to an Excessive Heat Warning for 11 counties in south-central Iowa. Those are in place from noon through 7 o’clock tonight. Meteorologist Mindy Beerends at the National Weather Service says if you thought Sunday was hot and muggy, today will be even worse.

“We have those heat advisories and excessive heat warnings out,” Beerends says. “We’re expecting heat index values to be around 105 to 110 in the advisory areas and they could be in excess of 110 degrees this afternoon into the early evening in the area under the excessive heat warning, primarily in south-central Iowa.” For Iowans who will be doing work outdoors today, she has some recommendations. “Take frequent breaks and try to get into the shade or air conditioning throughout the break,” Beerends says. “Try to stay hydrated. Wear light, loose clothing to combat the heat as best you can. If you feel the heat is starting to affect you, take the proper precautions and seek medical attention.”

While Sioux City had the state’s hot spot on Sunday with 94 degrees, Beerends was asked what parts of Iowa will be the hottest today. “At this point in time, it looks like it could be down in southwestern Iowa,” Beerends says. “They’re looking at highs around 98 degrees with other portions of southern Iowa maybe reaching 93 to 97.” Most of Iowa won’t be seeing much of a break from the hot, muggy weather for at least several days.

“We’ll continue to see warmer conditions into the rest of the week,” Beerends says. “We still have 90 degrees forecast across the southern half of Iowa into Tuesday. The dewpoints will drop a little bit so those heat indices could drop somewhat, but still remain sticky throughout the rest of the week.” Many Iowa communities are opening emergency cooling centers today in places like shopping malls, churches and libraries for people who don’t have air conditioners.